About us

About us

Since 1997, our company has been manufacturing deflectors (visor) for side windows of cars and trucks, as well as headlight protection. The company's activities cover the entire territory of Japan, China, Australia and countries of Europe.

Visor on almost any car. Production buildings equipped with modern high-tech equipment and product warehouse, area more than 3000 sq.m. Almost all the goods we always have in stock, even if something is missing, will appear within a few days.

Design department and streamlined process. We do not need to rack our brains every time an order is received for a batch of visors for exclusive cars or from the “novelty” category.

Each product undergoes a thorough rejection process. The quality control service checks all stages of production, starting with procurement (receipt of raw materials and materials), ending with the release of finished products and their storage.

By purchasing our products, you can be sure of 100% quality. Our products are free from defects and defects.