Gamintojo vėjo deflektoriai

Visada atsargų bet kokiam automobiliui

Deflektoriaus paieška
01. Gamintojas
02. Modelis
03. Metai
04. Spalva
05. Dydis
06. Papildomos parinktys
Užsakymo kodas:

1 High quality acrylic glass

  • Optimal air circulation
  • Reduced wind noise
  • Reduced fogging
  • Increased passenger comfort
  • Do not hinder side mirror visibility
  • Protection against rain, wind and snow
  • UV protection

2 Original 3M double side tape

  • Self-installation possible
  • 100% suitable
  • Available in Color
  • Available with Chrome Molding

Deflectors Models


The width of a "Standard Series" is about 6-7 centimeters. Combines quality, simplicity and functionality at an affordable price.


Enhanced version of the Standard series. Width is about 8-9 centimeters. Protects a large area.


The standard and most popular color is Black (Smoke). Optional colors available to be chosen are Red, Green, Blue, White, Clear and Silver. Black (smoke), red, green, blue, clear are translucent. White and Silver are opaque. CT Deflectors of only Silver Color are industrially painted. CT Deflectors sets of an optional color we mark as a "Color Series". CT Deflectors of "Color Series" are compatible to be chosen with both "Standard" or "Wide" Series. CT Deflectors of "Color Series" - a great opportunity to make your car more unique.


Any CT deflectors set can be optionally equipped with chrome moldings – no matter what the width and the color you choose.


The pinnacle of design and style! Ultra-thin (4.5 cm) and ultralight. Designed for cars without door frames.